Friday, 30 September 2016

Model of Commercial Airport.

"Department of Civil Engineering, VITM "
Students of Diploma Vth sem, Prabhat kushwah, aman chaturvedi,Ankit manjhi, Shashank parihar made a model of commercial airport.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Industrial visit to DOCCPP

Industrial visit to DOCCPP ( Dholpur open combined cycle power plant ) entire Management Department visited along with all the students and faculty on 24-09-16

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

BHISHMA WARRIORS participating in NKRC (National Kart Racing Championship) 2016 event

We the team BHISHMA WARRIORS participating in NKRC (National Kart Racing Championship) 2016 event.The virtual round held  at Indore in VITM at 18-19 August,2016. After passing the virtual round our team started the manufacturing of kart for the dynamic round of the above mentioned event from 30/8/16.The procurement of chasis material,engine,other accesories for the kart manufacturing (7 days ) then the welding of chasis and assembling of other useful accesories has been don...e in
next phase of 14-days.Then we have performed the dynamic testing of the kart which has been done by our expert driver and other team members at a specialised track for kart racing which was finished in next 5 days phase in which our kart passed all tests.Then the coloring and other finishing tracks has been given and now we are all set to perform in the dynamic round of the event NKRC-2016 at Kolhapur(MH).All this has been performed by the 16 members in the team as one group, named(
Indrajeet Singh ,Rahul Sharma, Priyal Sharma ,Nidhi trivedi ,Manish gurjar,Faizan-ul-haque,Bhupendra Sengar ,Rohit sharma, Himanshu likhar,Himanshu arya,Arun kushwah ,Vipin jha ,Shubham nandi,Vikash Singh ,Anmol choudhary,Samir khan )under the expert supervision of Prof. Kuldeep Kaushik.