Monday, 23 January 2017

We make the World

The Discipline of Mechanical Engineering at VIKRANT GROUP OFINSTITUTIONS started functioning in July 2007. Currently, it offers Diploma,B. E. and MTech. programs in Mechanical Engineering. The faculty members have specialization in Design engineering, Thermal and Fluid engineering, and Production and Industrial Engineering.
Our major goal is to make significant contribution through education and research in mechanical engineering to solve the problems of the native states and its society by maximizing the use of local resources. To achieve this, the focus would be to develop cost-effective and affordable technology:

Ø to exploit the renewable energy sources (mainly solar and wind energy) to      ensure energy security,

Ø to ensure drinking and irrigation water security, and

Ø to ensure food security by making farming and agriculture profitable through cost-effective mechanization and automation.

For this, the faculty members envisage to develop the state-of-art research laboratories and conduct innovative cutting edge research in various specializations mechanical engineering.


  1. Verry productive branch , one just need to put his or her best efforts.

  2. Kudos to Inderjeet & Team.