Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Inter College Cultural, and Technical Fest 2017 - QUEURTH 2017


Workshop on Excellence in Studies & Facing Final Exam

1. What is Excellence? The quality of being outstanding or extremely good; Extremely high quality; Doing Your Best. 

2. Why Excellence in Studies? Highly competitive world - Global competition for job & business Advancement in STM. (Science & Technology, & Management) Skill Level demand of the industry is very high. Limited number of seats for admissions. Limited time period for studies. (20 – 25 years for entry into professional life) For Self-satisfaction. 

3. Why should “I” be Excellent? I am a ‘normal’ student without any Learning Impairment. I am a student in a good school. God has given me the mental capacity & ability to be excellent. I have all the Resources Required such as time, energy, transport facility, Parents’ Support and Government Support. Then, Why should I be a mediocre student? 

4. Misconceptions I am an ordinary student, not very intelligent, No one encourages me, I face many hindrances/distractions, etc. 

5. Aristotle Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

6. Discover the Secret i. Goal Setting – “SMART” ii. Consistency in Studies iii. Tools & Training (Personal Schedule/Time Table) iv. “Never give up” attitude v. Physical Fitness 

7. Consistency in Studies: Class, Time Management, Studying, Examination. Attend classes. Ask questions in class, if given opportunity. Find a study group in class/neighbourhood. 

8. Time Management: Have your Schedule & Time Table for study hours. Be realistic. Know yourself and be honest about how much time each topic/chapter will take. Your time estimate becomes realistic as you start using Schedule/TT for a couple of weeks. Stick to your short-term goals but accommodate flexibility in your schedule as & when the situation arises. Order them from “most stressful” or “most difficult” to least stressful. (Try to tackle the stressful ones first. or easy to difficult, according to your personality) Use the daylight hours as much as possible. (‘Go with the Sun’ Philosophy). (In addition to your schedule, write out daily tasks on a card and paste it.) 

9. Five Fingers: reading, understanding, memorizing, reproducing, evaluating (self & examination) 

10. Exam Preparation: Study throughout the year, not just the night before. (if not, from now onwards.) Know the exam content and format. Sleep the night before. Be rested, comfortable, and well fed. Avoid starchy and greasy foods. 

11. Exam Taking Write formulas on prominent place such the top left corner or centre of the page. Read the directions carefully. Scan the test to familiarize yourself with the overall content. Do the questions you know first, then go back to the harder ones; circle the ones you skip to make sure you don’t overlook them in the end. Don’t rush through questions. Write down all the ideas you have. Make sure your answers are clear and complete. Check your exam when you are finished. If you are suffering from anxiety or blocking, spend five minutes relaxing, breathing deeply and steadily, without thinking about the test. Concentrate on relaxing your whole body. Continue with your exam. 

12. 3D Formula: Desire, Determination & Doing. 

Best Wishes !! 

Excellence in Studies & Last Minute Preparation For Board Exam

This helps to cultivate a mindset that focuses on “being excellent in anything and everything”. The definition of Excellence is given as “Doing My Best”. 

This takes the students away from the Success Mentality which has the competition feeling, fear of failure, and stress.

Excellence is achieved by consistent training and habituation, as Aristotle said. Scheduling helps in time management. 

The Five Finger method makes the students understand the methodology for stress-free studies. 

Whatever is presented in these slides come from my own personal experience which are self-learnt. Tested and practiced which helped me to become the ‘surprise’ Topper of the 10 th and 12 th Board Exams. Eventually the excellence-mindset helped me to strive for my best in the rest of my life – in my engineering graduation and career.