Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Excellence in Studies & Last Minute Preparation For Board Exam

This helps to cultivate a mindset that focuses on “being excellent in anything and everything”. The definition of Excellence is given as “Doing My Best”. 

This takes the students away from the Success Mentality which has the competition feeling, fear of failure, and stress.

Excellence is achieved by consistent training and habituation, as Aristotle said. Scheduling helps in time management. 

The Five Finger method makes the students understand the methodology for stress-free studies. 

Whatever is presented in these slides come from my own personal experience which are self-learnt. Tested and practiced which helped me to become the ‘surprise’ Topper of the 10 th and 12 th Board Exams. Eventually the excellence-mindset helped me to strive for my best in the rest of my life – in my engineering graduation and career. 

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