Friday, 23 December 2016


Sometimes costly structures get damaged and it becomes problem to decide whether the structures should be completely dismantled or it can be repaired by special treatment of special materials. By this way too much cost can be saved. The damaged structures are repaired by various methods, one of the methods is jacketing.


Jacketing may be done to the structures like columns, piers, beams etc. This is the advance technique of repairs which provides adequate strength to the structures. Various materials are available for jacketing , one of them is concrete paste which is prepared by mixing  appropriately- sika latex , armateck 108 liquids and powder components , stone chips , sand , water and adequate quantity of plasticizer are mixed together and concrete mass is prepared. This concrete mass is applied to the damaged part in the form of jacket. If required reinforcement may also be provided by drilling holes in the structures. This is the scope of research that many such adhesive materials can be found and required for various types of paste and concrete, may be prepared and used to repair the damaged structures.

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